Fourth of July Food and Drinks

Here are some fun and festive Fourth of July food and drink ideas.


Top left to right: bottle of The Great American Wine; American flag layer dip; Blue Cocktail; and tray of red white and blue strawberries; Bottom left to right: chips and salsa; blueberries and star-shaped watermelon


How to make American Flag Layer Dip: spread re-fried beans on bottom of baking dish; spread on a layer of guacamole; sprinkle on some cheddar cheese; top with a layer of salsa; cover with grated Monterey Jack cheese (except for in a square area in the top left corner); make red stripes with lines of diced red bell peppers; in top left corner, spread sour cream, then put on black beans and scatter some diced white onions.


Simple, refreshing 4th of July Cocktail: (on ice) Blue Curacao, vodka, and 7Up or Sprite; garnish with watermelon stars, raspberries and maraschino cherries.

Children’s 4th of July drink: (on ice) Blue Gatorade, 7Up or Sprite; same garnishes as adult version




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