Ventura the Strong and Beautiful

The Cross at Serra Cross Park, a few years ago. Once one of the most spectacular views in Ventura.
Beautiful view from Ventura’s Serra Cross Park
At Serra Cross Park in Ventura a few years back

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted here.  I’ve been pretty busy – working on starting a new business, designing, fine-tuning and finding manufacturers for my various products, all while working a full-time job, being a mom, and doing other life stuff.

I’ve been meaning to check in here, and fill you all in on some of my and my family’s recent (and some, not quite as recent) adventures and updates.

But first, I will start with this.  I live in Ventura, California, and as many of you know (and many of you who live here are experiencing), Ventura and surrounding communities have been dealing with tragic, unrelenting fires.

The Thomas fire started on a Monday night (12/4/17) in Santa Paula and quickly raged through to Ventura brutally devastating parts of our beautiful city and destroying numerous homes, and displacing many people.  It has made its way to Ojai, Carpentaria, and Santa Barbara.  And, it’s still raging.

Many people have lost their homes, and others have had to evacuate, not knowing if and when they can return, or if they’ll have a home to return to.

Firefighters and other first responders have been risking their lives day and night (going on 12 days now) fighting this horrible beast.  One young firefighter just lost his life in this fight.

The fire has stripped our skies of blue and replaced them with an eerie uncharacteristic gray.  Not the cold, foggy gray that would be expected this time of year, but a toxic, smoky, ugly gray.  The air is so full of smoke and ash, it’s unhealthy to breathe.  It’s advisable to stay indoors as much as possible, and when going out, to wear a mask.  Schools are closed because it’s too dangerous for kids to be there.

What we now have is fire weather.  We are in the midst of the longest red flag warning ever recorded.

This is not the Ventura we know.  This should not be happening.  Every day we wake up and turn on the news hoping to hear something good – humidity in the double-digits, cooler temperatures, no more wind!  Rain would be the ultimate miracle, but I it appears that it doesn’t rain in Southern California anymore.

We moved to Ventura about 12 years ago because we fell in love with the charming beach town, with great year-round weather, blue skies and ocean breezes.  We look forward to it being that way once again someday.

Meanwhile, we’re thankful that our home and our neighbors’ homes are all okay, and that lives have been spared.  We are especially thankful for the firefighters, law enforcement, first responders and others who are so brave and risk their lives day after day to fight this fight!  God bless you.

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