Food Friday: A Favorite Kids’ Breakfast: Hole In the Middles


This is an easy-to-make breakfast that everyone loves!  My daughter would love to have Hole-in-the-Middles for breakfast every single day!  My dad used to make these when I was a kid (although he called them “Eggs in Frames”).  I’m sure many families make some version of these and call them different things.

Ingredients(what you’ll need):

  • Two eggs
  • Two pieces of bread
  • Cooking spray
  • Cookie cutter (or a thin drinking glass for cutting the hole in the bread)
  • Pan


How to make it:

  • Cut a hole in the middle of the pieces of bread with a cookie cutter (I use a hear-shaped cookie cutter) or glass.
  • Spray pan with cooking spray and heat.
  • Place the bread in the pan.
  • Pour an egg in the center of the bread, and cook (flipping over once).

That’s it!

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