Ventura County Mexican Mega Grocery Store: Vallarta Supermarket in Oxnard


If you’re looking for great authentic Mexican food – for lunch and for groceries to take home – Vallarta market in Oxnard does not disappoint!  My husband discovered this superstore on his own, and came home and raved about it.

He told everyone they must go and check it out!  It’s huge, very clean, and has EVERYTHING you could want – especially if you love Mexican food like we do.  He brought home this amazing Mexican chicken (split-in-half chicken breasts marinated to perfection).  He grilled them up, and we loved them!  We’ve since had them several times.

Grilled Mexican chicken (from Vallarta)

About a week later, our daughter and I joined him on an outing to Vallarta.  I was impressed.  This place was enormous, spotless, and surprisingly elegant for a grocery store.  In addition to all the items you’d find in other mega markets, Vallarta has little stores within the main store.


Some of the other features that stood out for me were the impressive displays of seafood, meats, deli items (including vats of freshly made guacamole), and Tortilleria (where tortillas are made daily).  La Isla (The Island) offers freshly made juices, homemade horchata (a rice drink), smoothies, snow cones, ice cream, fruit cocktails, salads, iced coffee, Cappuccino and other hot drinks.

IMG_2922  IMG_2924

The highlight of our visit was the Taqueria (Mexican Kitchen), from which you can order delicious, authentic, fresh Mexican food, and eat it there at one of several dining tables.  There are so many mouth-watering options to choose from – tacos, burritos, enchiladas, tamales, chiles rellenos, roasted chicken, pork carnitas, tortas, and more – it was hard to decide.




I ended up getting a taco salad with chicken and carne asada.  My husband ordered a torta, and my daughter had some beef tacos and a quesadilla.  The food was outstanding!



Afterward, we explored more of the store, and bought more Mexican chicken to go.

I will return to Vallarta for lunch and for groceries.  If you live in Ventura County, it is worth a visit!  For more information, go to


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