Creative Baby Shower Idea – Mother-To-Be Memory Table

baby memory table2

baby memory table3

babyshowermemorytableA Baby Memory Table for the mom-to-be is a precious, special, meaningful addition to a baby shower.

If the guest of honor’s parents saved any of her childhood items (baby clothes and shoes, toys, books, photos, etc.), you can display them as part of the baby shower decor.

In the pictures above, my mom (who saved lots of my baby stuff) created this amazing Memory Table as a surprise to me at my baby shower.  As you can see, she included baby pictures, baby clothes, shoes, books, favorite toys, a newspaper from the day I was born, etc.  Many of the clothes she saved were clothes I had on in the pictures displayed.  Then she hung the outfit (with clothespins) under the framed picture of me wearing that outfit.

If you are throwing (or helping to throw) a baby shower for a friend or family member, ask her parents if they saved any baby items.  Then, use the items to create a Baby Memory Table for her.  She will be touched, as will the guests.

Another idea: if you have a little girl now, start saving these types of items for her future baby shower.

Do you have any creative, memorable baby shower touches you’d like to share?

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