Ballerina Birthday Party

Hand-made invitations set the stage for Siena’s ballerina birthday party.
We used cut-out pictures of Siena in ballerina attire, stickers and jewels to decorate the invitations.Invitation Wording (on the inside):
Wear your tutu. Point your toes!
Who’s turning 4? Siena Rose!
 Please join us on this special day.
Let’s have some fun and dance ballet!
 Siena’s 4th Birthday Party
Saturday, March 16, 2013
12:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Our Home
Phone Number
Please R.S.V.P. to Lori by March 13
Phone # and email.
Wear your favorite tutu and ballet attire.
(We have extra tutus on hand just in case!)
Entry Way
Upon arrival, guests got to help themselves to a tiara.


Kitchen table
The “barre” area: serving table with bowls of pink sweets, pink wine glasses (for pink champagne for the “prima” ballerinas)


Food table with hand-made tutu
Pink ballerina table is set.
Pink and white popcorn boxes and a pink cotton candy maker
Pink and white popcorn boxes filled with popcorn
The chandelier above the food table was adorned with pink paper lanterns and ballet shoe ornaments.
There were pink candies and “pirouettes” (front left).
The center of the food table featured pink roses in a ballet shoe vase and a framed picture of the birthday girl.
Mini heart-shaped sandwiches: (from left): turkey and provolone, ham and Havarti, almond butter and jelly and peanut butter and jelly
Red potato salad (based on a recipe by Paula Dean)


Veggies and ranch




Platter with jack and mozzarella cheese and heart-shaped salami


Pink cupcakes (in 2 flavors: strawberry and vanilla with sprinkles) topped with vintage ballerinas


More cupcakes


Birthday cake


The kids ate lunch and colored ballerina pictures at small tables.


Siena in her ballerina birthday hat
A real ballerina visited, performed, and taught a ballerina lesson.
Siena and ballerina Melody
We celebrated my daughter Siena’s 4th birthday this last weekend with a pink ballerina themed party.  Siena is really into ballet and ballerinas right now, and absolutely loves her ballet class, which she started about 2 months ago.  Since I’m also a big fan of ballet and pink, I had a lot of fun with this theme!
I set the tone with hand-made invitations using cutout pictures of Siena and her ballerina doll in matching ballet attire.  I decorated the invitations with ballet stickers and jewels.  I pasted the wording (see above) inside. 
Young ballerinas were invited to wear their ballet clothes and tutus, and got to choose a tiara upon arrival. 
Our party décor featured lots and lots of pink (all shades) and white, ballerinas, ballet shoes and tutus.  One of the décor highlights was a large tutu that I made for the dining room table.  The table top featured a ballet shoe vase filled with pink roses and a ballerina frame with Siena’s picture in it.  The food and sweets served as the rest of the dining table décor.  I continued the theme throughout most of the house (downstairs): living room, kitchen, and family room (which we cleared for room to dance later).
Other décor included: pink tulips and gerbera daisies, pink balloons, pink twinkle lights, tulle and fabric, a vase filled with silver magic wands, jars and vases filled with all kinds of pink candies and cookies, and more pink touches.
I wanted to make sure the food fit into the theme as much as possible and didn’t clash with the soft and fluffy pinkness.  There’s only so much food you can get that’s pink (that isn’t sweet), so I kept it white, light (i.e., only white cheeses and white or light green vegetables, as well as green and purple grapes and watermelon chunks, which are hot pink).  Here’s our menu:
·         Mini sandwiches cut into heart shapes (with different-sized cookie cutters): turkey and provolone; ham and Havarti cheese; almond butter and grape jelly; chunky peanut butter and grape jelly.
·         Red potato salad based on a recipe by Paula Dean
·         Veggies and ranch dressing (celery, cauliflower, and cucumbers)
·         Fruit: watermelon and grapes
·         Crackers, white cheeses (mozzarella and Monterey Jack), and salami (cut into hearts with a cookie cutter)
·         Chips and sour cream/onion dip
·         Lots of sweets: pirouette cookies (due to the name) and everything else pink (candies – pink M&Ms, Peeps, Good N Plenty, Hersey’s Kisses, and more; and cookies)
·         An individual birthday cake (that I made) topped with a ballerina figurine
·         Pink cupcakes (strawberry and yellow confetti) (that I made) topped with vintage ballerinas
·         Popcorn served in pink and white popcorn boxes
·         A pitcher of pink lemonade and a pitcher of water
·         For the grown-ups we had coolers of cold beverages outside as well as pink champagne.
·         We also had a cotton candy machine that we didn’t end up having time (or a need with all the other sweets and fun) to use.
Note: another great idea for adding more pink to the menu is to put a little bit of beet juice in the dips and ranch dressing to turn them pink.
We started the party at noon with lunch.  The kids also sat at small tables and colored ballerina coloring pages.  Then, at 1 p.m., the highlight of the party was a visit from a real ballerina who performed, taught a ballet lesson, and did fun ballet activities with the kids.  The kids loved it!  It concluded with stickers and a Q&A session, during which Siena asked, “How do you do ballet?”  The ballerina, Melody, replied, “That’s a good question,” and proceeded to give a really good answer. 
After cake and presents, the kids danced freestyle for a while.  Upon departure, each girl (in addition to her tiara and wand) got to take home a pink and silver organza bag filled with little party favors.
The ballerina was from a company in the Santa Barbara area called Tea in Tiaras (  She was great and I highly recommend the company to anyone who lives near Santa Barbara or Ventura.


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