Dalmatian Themed Birthday Party


Inspiration for a Dalmatian theme
Dalmatian figurines to display (i.e., as part of a table setting/centerpiece)
Dalmatian invitations
Dalmatian pinata
Party favors from Party City
Vintage table cloth and paper plates from my own Dalmatian birthday party
Dalmatian Birthday Cake from Cake Central


Dalmatian Cupcakes from Lizzy’s Petite Cupcakes
Dalmatian Bounce House from Blue Apple Productions
When I was young, I loved Dalmatians.  I even had a Dalmatian theme for one of my childhood birthday parties.  The above pictures illustrate some ideas for planning a Dalmatian-themed birthday party, including the 101 Dalmatians book for inspiration, glass Disney Dalmatian figurines for decorations, a Dalmatian invitation, pinata, party favors, cake, cupcakes, and bounce house.  I also included a picture of an actual tablecloth and paper plate from my own childhood Dalmatian birthday party.
Other ideas for a Dalmatian-themed birthday party include: black and white everything (with splashes of bright colors, like red or hot pink); polka dots (on table clothes, ribbon, plates, balloons, etc.); chocolate chip ice cream and cookies; cupcakes with white frosting and chocolate chips, and some with chocolate frosting and white chocolate chips; Dalmatian stuffed animals all around; a pin the tail on the Dalmatian game; a viewing of the 101 Dalmatians movie; and dog-related touches (i.e., paw prints, dog bones, collars, leashes, dog bowls).  For a boy’s party, you might add firetrucks, hats, etc. for a firefighter and Dalmatian theme.
Here is another Dalmatian-themed invitation: Invitation:


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