Mommy’s Gearing Up to Go High-Tech

In the next few days I am going to do something I haven’t done in over 2 years: get a new cell phone. I’m talking the fancy, high-tech kind.

Yes, it’s time.

As much as I have loved my pretty pink Razor (which I got when it was already on its way out of cell phone style), I am ready to move on.

To be honest, I never even learned to use many of its basic applications (i.e. never used the camera, never added contacts, don’t even know what else it has). I do know that it’s a real pain to text on it. There’s no keyboard, so you have to scroll through 3 or 4 letters just to type one letter, which takes FOREVER.

I am determined to become fully educated in my next phone’s gadgetry. I’m actually going to take the time to read the manual and learn how to use it. However, I am hoping to get something that’s fairly user-friendly and doesn’t require an engineering degree to figure out.

I’ve probably never had the newest, latest in cell phone technology because my husband – NOT a technology guy – has taken the helm in our cell phone purchases, contracts, what-not.

And while I’m no technology buff, I’m more up on the stuff than my husband, who isn’t on Facebook, doesn’t know what Twitter is, doesn’t have an email account other than a strictly work one that is scrutinized by department higher ups, and informs me that he doesn’t even know how to get on the internet. He does, however, like to talk – on the phone, in person, wherever – hence his simple approach to the cell phone: if he can get calls, make calls, and talk on it, it’s good with him.

Talk, schmalk.

I want internet access, a screen that is maneuverable by touch, photo, video and music capability. I want “apps,” whatever they are. I want to be connected whenever, wherever I want to be. I want to be able to blog, tweet, text with an actual keyboard, surf, even call, quickly, efficiently, 21st century style.

So, right now, I’m researching phones, and despite being a little overwhelmed, I’m formulating an idea of what I like. I’ll continue to read up on the features, and ultimately go with what I’m drawn to at the store. An educated drawn to.

I want to take the helm on this phone purchase.

As much as I will miss my pretty pink phone that has served me well long past the so-called technology expiration date, I look forward to having the world at my fingertips.

Give me the bells and whistles, learning curve and all.

One comment

  1. I had the same phone you do now before I switched to a Blackberry! I love being able to check email and get on the internet when I'm out and about. There's a ton of stuff I still don't know how to do, but it's nice to know that if I had the time to figure out, it's there for me 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today!!


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